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Interested in a career in geography?

Geography Jobs and Careers

What do geographers do?

The short answer ... all kinds of stuff. The great thing about geography is that you learn and graduate with a variety of skills, knowledges and competencies across human, physical and geospatial subject areas. Which means there are a lot of different jobs which you might be qualified for. Here we outline some of those options, talk with geographers working in different industries, and offer some advice about how you can design your own career pathway in geography.  

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Geography Job board

We know it can be overwhelming when you start out in the job market, so we have curated some links to academic and non-academic sites where you can sign up for email alerts and conduct searches for a Geography job that fits you.  

Sites primarily for academic jobs

Academid Positions
Times Higher Education
Academic Keys
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Many geographic organisations also have their own Job Boards. Some, like the Regional Studies Association provide this information to non-members. Other organisations you need to join in order to access this information.  

Sites for non-academic jobs

Professional development

We know the job market can be tough. And there is a lot to know about building your CV, prepping for interviews, and planning where to apply. Once you get a job there is a whole new bunch of stuff you must navigate, like office communication, networking, career development, management and leadership, and looking after your mental health. For those of you interested in starting your career in another country or switching to a different profession, there might be a new set of expectations that you’re unaware of. While we are not claiming to be experts, we have put together some resources on these topics (Coming soon).  

If there is something you want to know more about – that we haven’t covered here – flick us an email! Contact our Communications Officer about your question, because chances are someone else in this community will want to know too.