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The New Zealand Geographical Society

The New Zealand Geographical Society promotes and stimulates the study of geography within Aotearoa New Zealand and seeks to communicate this research locally, nationally and globally. The Society was founded in Wellington, August 1944, when the Canterbury and Wellington Geographical Associations joined to form the national body. Today, the organisation encompasses six branches and members from across the country.

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We are a network that extends across schools, universities, research institutes and public and private sector organisations within and beyond Aotearoa New Zealand.

New Zealand Board of Geography Teachers

The Board of Geography Teachers (NZBoGT) is a subcommittee of the NZGS. The Board’s vision is to support the quality teaching and learning of Geography in Aotearoa New Zealand secondary schools; raise the profile of Geography for students through participation in NZBoGT Competitions and events; and promote links between the secondary and tertiary sectors and wider workforce within the geography community. NZBoGT also advises and consults with the Ministry of Education and New Zealand Qualifications Authority of matters of interest to New Zealand geography teachers and students.

NZGS is working to provide promotional materials like fliers, posters, and videos about careers and contemporary issues, and teaching resources to support teachers’ work inspiring another generation of geographers.


Unsure about the career options with a geography degree

We’ve scoured our networks and the world wide web for profiles, professional development opportunities, job stats and resources to help you succeed. The Opportunities section also has information about job calls, preparing for the academic job market, NZGS sponsored awards and grants, upcoming research opportunities, and more!


NZGS Conferences

The New Zealand Geographical Society’s biennial conference is an opportunity for members, industry professionals, students, academics and organisations to share their geographical research, network and foster collaborations.

Hosted by alternating branches, and occasionally in conjunction with our Aussie friends, the conferences are a supportive space for sharing your research, picking up new teaching ideas or research tools, and sharing in the general enthusiasm for all things geography.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait two years to get together with friends and colleagues and hear about the latest research – our branches and specialty groups host various seminar series, events and outreach activities throughout the year. Check out the Events page to see what’s on the agenda.