About New Zealand Geographical Society Inc

The New Zealand Geographical Society was founded in Wellington in August 1944, when the Canterbury and Wellington Geographical Associations joined to form the national body.  It was officially incorporated on 6 November 1944. Its aim is to promote and stimulate the study of Geography within New Zealand.

For over 50 years the New Zealand Geographer has been the internationally refereed journal of the New Zealand Geographical Society. Since 2005, it has been published by Wiley-Blackwell. It publishes academic papers on aspects of the physical, human and environmental geographies, and landscapes, of its region; commentaries and debates; discussions of educational questions and scholarship of concern to geographers; short interventions and assessments of topical matters of interest to university and high school teachers; and book reviews.

A close relationship is maintained with the Institute of Australian Geographers. Joint NZGS / IAG conferences are regularly held on both sides of the Tasman.

NZ Geographical Society is a member of the International Geographical Union via its membership of The Royal Society of New Zealand.

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