Benefits of NZGS Membership


Geographers are at the forefront of education and research and contribute to a significant variety of intellectual and policy debates. The need for geographic knowledge and expertise is essential across a range of issues regionally, nationally and internationally. The world we live in is rapidly changing. It is an exciting, and necessary, time to be a geographer.

When you join the New Zealand Geographical Society you will become part of an active community.

As a member you will be able to:

  • develop your professional skills and advance your career.
  • display your commitment to the advancement and development of geography. This is vitally important for all those who are, have been and aspire to be involved professionally in geographic work: students; early career researchers; secondary school teachers; university teachers and researchers; and, researchers and educators in policy and other types of institutions.
  • contribute through the payment of an annual subscription to the capacity of the Society to advocate for geographers and geography. This advocacy involves:

-making submissions where geographic knowledge will have an impact;

-engaging with the Royal Society of New Zealand who supports our work with the International Geographical Union, including its research groups, the International Geography Olympiad, and the Realise the Dream Competition;

-working with the Board of Geography Teachers who support the development of secondary school geography and who run the annual Maatangi Whenua Year 11 inter-school geography competition;

-promoting the position of geography in universities and schools;

-supporting high school, undergraduate and postgraduate students, who are the next generation of geographers.

  • receive access to the Society’s journal, the New Zealand Geographer, its occasional newsletters and website.
  • receive a discount on the registration fee for the Society’s biennial conferences where you can meet and network with other geographers and related professionals, give presentations, and learn about new geographic approaches, methods and techniques.
  • participate in the Society’s research groups, webinars and other activities.
  • be eligible to be nominated for Society awards.
  • participate in the governance of the Society.

In addition, those who have made a sustained contribution to geography over several years are eligible to be awarded the title Fellow of the New Zealand Geographical Society. This brings the additional benefits of:

  • being able to use the title ‘Fellow of the New Zealand Geographical Society’ (FNZGS).
  • proving that your record of achievement in the discipline has been scrutinised and endorsed by your peers.

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